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Our Philosophy

The Client

At Northgreen, we realize that building a custom home or rennovating an existing home, for most people, is one of the largest investments in their lives.  That's why we ensure our client's come first and strive to turn their visions into a reality.  Moreover, you have worked hard to create your dream home and we want to assure that you deserve a  home-building experience that is not taxing but exciting and enjoyable.

The Architect/Designer

Northgreen has constituted a  prominent working realationship with several of the leading architectural/design firms in Metropolitian Milwaukee and surrounding areas.  We work with these architects and designers as your team to  establish your dream home that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

The Builder

Northgreen's number one policy when building your custom home is quality and we present an artistry of true craftmenship combined with a highly professional management style.  Furthermore, we have the capability of being the framing and finish carpentry crew on your home in addition to being the general contractor, which sets us apart from most other area builders.  This unique position as a custom builder gives us a one step advantage with overseeing every internal detail of the building process from start to finish.


We work often with you, the architects, and the designers to aid in land layout prior to beginning the design and construction processes to optimize the land your have chosen to build your dream home on or to enhance the ideas made for a home rennovation project


Northgreen homes are representations and results of a truly passionate custom home design and build team.  Taking you through every step of the building progression; where you are the center of this process and the final end results leave you with an architectural piece of art that is timeless, reflects who you are, your lifestyle, and you, your family, and friends make a lifetime of everlasting memories.

Time & Budget

Northgreen's well synchronized and efficient management methods, continual closeness to each project, and expert knowledge of the building process, we can deliver to you a custom home that is on budget and on schedule.  Our aim is not to simply achieve the lowest price when it comes to budget, but to strive to acquire the highest rewards in building your dream home, leaving you feeling that you have attained the home you envisioned with complete satifaction. 

About Us

Our Projects

As an accomplished home builder, you, our client comes first.  We specialize in designing and orchestrating each home construction team indivdually that takes you through every step of the process seemlessly and effortlessly.

About Us

We are a family owned, second generation of home builders and master carpenters that have a passion for building luxury homes all over Wisconsin and making homeowner's ideas come true. 

Our Services


Whether your aspirations involve building a new home or rennovating your existing home  Northgreen Builders is here to work with you to attain these dreams into reality.

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